Daniel cox

Nashville, tn


Here's one that's fairly common now, but back in the early 90's, it was killer!! Try the basic one, and then some of the variations a la Steve Rucker at "The U"!!

Here are  some ideas and concepts that I've either had some success with on the gig, or I found to be helpful in developing a specific technique. Enjoy!!

This is an inverted dbl. stroke roll between the BD and SD. This flows nicely at a lot of tempos. At slower tempos it has a nice, broken quarter note, triplet feel. At faster ones, it just flows and rolls right along.

Here's a warm-up designed to work intricate drags and accented rebound strokes in both hands. Start slow and build up tempo!! 

I came up with this one while working on linear patterns, and listening to a lot of James Brown. Try it as both straight 16ths, and as "swung/ pseudo hip-hop"" by using 16th-note triplets as the underlying subdivision. After you get them down,  you can start working on your own variations. Send them in , and I'll post them for others to check out!!